Saturday, August 28, 2010

Joys of Motherhood!

*Warning this may gross you out!*

The other day my little ones decide to sleep later than normal. No biggie as I homeschool it was a nice break from having to entertain them while we worked. So, I am busy checking the kids school work and my 2 1/2 yr old, Faith, comes in the school room and says I am hungry. I ask her since she shares a room with my 15 month old, Hannah, if she was awake. She says no. I go and crack the door open barely and check and sure enough she is still asleep. I go on to make Faith some breakfast. I go back to the school room and finish checking some work. Then I look at the clock and realize it's almost 10 am why is she sleeping so long. I quietly go in the little ones room and look.

What do I see? You really don't want to know. But this is what I found a naked bottom baby! No big deal right? WRONG! The diaper was just wet and obviously she just pulled it off who knows if she did that in her sleep or not. But then she went to sleep and pooped in her sleep all over the place! Oh my was it not a pretty site. Luckily it only was on half of her bed and didn't get on too much stuff. Who know when she did it as it was dried. So, Faith decides she going to help mommy. I was like ok so I gave her all the clean stuff out of the bed to put somewhere the whole time she is gagging. It took all I could not to laugh the way she was acting. She told Hannah you stink!

Luckily I had some wipes so I used those to get what I could off Hannah before I stuck her in the tub. Then I had to have her sit in the tub for 5 minutes so the rest would come off. Then I had to make fresh water after I cleaned the tub out. Of course I had to scrub her bed and let it air out!

You would think I would know better than to put a baby down in just a shirt! This happened before when Faith was a baby but luckily she didn't poop she just took off a wet diaper and didn't even peepee in the bed. So, never put a baby to bed unless you have something to go over their diaper so they can't take it off. I think from now on I will remember that regardless of how tired I am.


  1. Just reading that makes me so glad my kids are out of the diaper stage!

  2. Fun, fun! My little one can't be without a onesie for that reason exactly! One time I woke up and he was standing in his crib peeing onto my bed!


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