Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday All Tuckered Out

A friend of mine snapped this picture. My girls were wore out one Sunday night and fell asleep on each other in church. I thought it was too cute but didn't have my camera. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Packing up for our first Family Vacation!

Well my suitcase doesn't quite look like the one above. I sure do feel like that though! I am so excited as we are heading off on our first family vacation ever! We are actually going out west to the Navajo reservation for a camp meeting. But while we are out their we are going to do some site seeing as well! 

So, as you can see I feel so scattered brained in trying to pack for 9 of us. We have a 2 day long journey before we get to our destination. We head out early Thursday and won't be back till the following Saturday! So, we are going to drive 12 hours and stop for the night and then drive the last 12. That is both ways. So, it's going to be a long tiresome trip with little ones in tow. I am praying they won't be too cranky. 

Along with all the luggage we have to pack food as well for the trip out their. I am trying my hardest not to forget a thing.  But you all should know how that goes! I have been sewing like crazy as well to make sure all my girls and I have enough coulettes for this trip as well. 

So, I am excited as we haven't been able to have a family vacation before so this is a first! I think it will be fun especially for older ones. I will be sure to take tons of pictures and will post some when I get back. Not sure if I will have internet access or not. 

But when I get back I got some giveaways in store. 

Happy Memorial Day!

I just want to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day! Hope every one stays safe! As for me I will be sewing and getting ready for our big trip! 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

$5 off $55 Winn Dixie Store Coupon Giveaway!

Due to the fact that I am heading out of town this upcoming week I have a extra $5/$55 Winn Dixie Store Coupon! Also, you can use these at Publix if they accept Winn Dixie as as a competitor. I use them at Winn Dixie and Publix. 

This coupon is good starting 5/30-6/5/12. So, this is going to be a short and quick giveaway.

I will chose a winner 5/28 so I can mail it out 5/29 since the mail won't run Monday due to the holiday!

Just leave a comment telling me what item you stock up on the most.

Giveaway will end 5/28 at noon CST. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

*HOT BOGO Crystal Light Coupon!

Hurry these never last long but right now on Crystal Light Insider Page is the BOGO Crystal Light coupon! I haven't scored one of these till today! If you have a Publix where there BOGOs are true BOGOS you can score 2 for free or at Winn Dixie, too! So, hurry on over here

*Hot $1.50 off Bush Grilling Beans!

I am so excited as Bush's Baked Beans and Grillin Beans are on BOGO at Publix this week. If you hurry over to their facebook page you can score a nice high value coupon!

Bush's Best Baked Beans or Grillin 21 to 28 oz, BOGO $2.39 ( at my store but some places have it for $1.97)

Can't beat free beans especially if you plan on grilling this Memorial Day weekend!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fun and Creative Ideas for Lunch!

With school winding down I am always looking for fun and creative recipes for lunch. It always make the kids happy and lunch fun!

So, instead of that boring old sandwich how about trying Crisscross Ham and Cheese Sandwich instead? This is a simple yet fun and creative why to change up a boring old sandwich. My kids love it! It is so much more fun then grilling one on a skillet. 

You could always create Three Cheese Chili Pup Cups! These are so delicious and easy to make. They make for a simple lunch or snack! Or you can always make these as appetizers for a gathering. 

If your kids love pizza like mine you could try Barbeque Chicken Tortilla Pizza. These are very simple to make. I love recipes with simple ingredients. 

What are some of your fun and creative recipes that your kids love?

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Winn Dixie Mailer!

Wk 1 5/23/12-5/29/12

$5 off Winn-Dixie IQF Boneless Chicken
2.5 lb pkg breasts or breast tenders

$5 off purchase of $30 or more

Wk 2 5/30-6/5/12

0.75 off head Dole Iceberg Lettuce

$5 off purchase of $30 or more

Wk 3 6/6/-6/12/12

27.8-29.2 oz Folgers Coffee $4.99

$5 off purchase of $30 or more

Wk 4 6/13-6/19/12

8 roll pkg WD Ultra Paper Towels $5.00

$5 off purchase of $30 or more

Be on the look out for these in your mail box. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fresh Produce Clothing Review!

I have recently found fresh produce. Not the fresh produce you find in your grocery store either. I am talking about clothes. Fresh produce carries casual clothing, summer tops, spring dresses for women and many more. 

I love the fact that their clothes are made in the USA. I try my hardest to buy products that are made in the USA. But you all probably know how hard it is now these days to find that. I had the hardest time just picking one item that I really wanted. They have so many beautiful dresses and skirts that I wanted.

I decided on getting the Augustine Convertible Dress in Laguna.
I really love this dress. I add a cardigan to mine as I am not big on showing off my bare shoulders or top. I also love wearing it as a skirt as it is so comfortable. It's the perfect addition to my spring wardrobe. I just love the bright spring colors! Plus, blue is my favorite color. 

I just love the fact that it can be worn as a dress or a skirt. So, if I don't feel in a dress mood I can wear it as a skirt. I have been seeing a lot more skirts that have this option. Another reason I chose this dress is because as a nursing mom not many dresses that are nursing accessible. But dresses like these or with spaghetti straps are the easiest to use. If you are a nursing mom you understand. 

I love the fact that if you wear it as a skirt the waist band is so soft and comfortable. I have had a couple skirts where the waist band pokes you. That is not fun. I am all about being comfortable. 

*This product was provided to me free of charge for purpose of this review. This is my honest opinion of this product and no monetary compensation was received for my opinion*

Sunday, May 20, 2012

$10 off your purchase of $30 at

If you buy natural products or hard to find products in the store. Right now for new accounts through 5/22 at 10 am Pacific Standard time. You can save $10 off your purchase of $30 at Simply enter code EZI060 at check out. 

I use Dr. Christopher's products and they are by far the cheapest around. I try my hardest not to buy from the health food store unless I absolutely have too. I never realized how much more expensive it is to shop at health food stores verses online. I am in shock at how much I can save just buy ordering it online. 

So, if I absolutely can't wait for the product to get to my door that's the only time you will see me at the healthfood store. has tons of products. I shop at as well but I was comparing the two yesterday and found it way cheaper at

Another great thing is they offer free shipping on orders over $20. I just placed a order for the first time and  my total was $33.18 and I paid $23.28 and got free shipping! 

Also, they have some freebies if you order from them you can select one free product per order just click on freebie. 

Check out and enter code EZI060 at check out to save $10 off your purchase of $30 good through 5/22 at 10 am PST. If you don't spend $30 you spend less you can save $5 off anytime using the same code. 

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sunday Insert Preview 5/20

Here is a sneak peek of what is to come in this Sunday's Coupon Inserts. Please note that coupon value and coupons vary from region to region. 

This Sunday is two inserts Smart Source and Red Plum.

Smart Source

Bausch&Lomb Save $1/1 Opcon-A product (7/31)
Bausch&Lomb Save $3/1 Soothe product (7/31)
Bausch&Lomb Save $4/1 Alaway product (7/31)
Betty Crocker Save $.75/2 Supreme Brownie or Dessert Bar mixes (7/14)
Bic Save $1/1 Flame Disk product (7/31)
Bic Save $1/1 multi-purpose lighter or multi-position lighter (7/31)
Bounty Save $.50/1 quilted napkins (6/30)
Bounty Save $1/1 Basic 6-roll count+ towels (6/30)
Chinet Save $.55/1 classic white plates or bowls (7/29)
Claritin Save $2/1 Children’s 4oz or 20ct (6/17)
Claritin Save $5/1 15ct+ (6/17)
Clear Care Save $2/1 cleaning and disinfecting solution 12oz+ (7/31)
Coppertone Save $1/1 product 2oz+ (6/30)
Coppertone Save $3/2 products 2oz+ (6/30)
Dannon Save $.50/2 Oikos 5.3oz cups (6/30)
Depend Save $1.50/1 Real Fit or Silhouette product (6/30)
Depend Save $1/1 Guards for Men (6/30)
Depend Save $1/1 products (6/30)
EasyLiner Save $2/2 rolls (6/30)
Farmer John Save $1/1 bacon (6/20)
Farmer John Save $1/1 breakfast sausage (6/20)
General Mills Save $1/3 cereals (6/30)
Gevalia Save $1/1 coffee 12oz bag (6/30)
Glad Save $1/1 Freezerware product (7/31)
Glade Save $1/1 PlugIns Scented Oil twin refill or Save $1/2 single refills (6/30)
Glade Save $1/1 PlugIns Scented Oil warmer (6/30)
Goodnites Save $1/1 bed mats jumbo pack+ (6/16)
Heinz Save $.25/1 tomato ketchup (6/19)
Heinz Save $.50/2 Homestyle beans (7/8)
Heinz Save $1/1 picnic pack TARGET COUPON (6/30)
Hershey’s Save $1/2 bags of Kisses 9.4oz+ (6/30)
Hershey’s Free Air Delight wyb any milk chocolate bar up to Save $1.09 (6/30)
Hills Bro Save $.35/1 16oz cappuccino (6/30)
Huggies Save $.50/1 baby wipes 56ct+ (6/16)
Huggies Save $1.50/1 Little Swimmers disposable swimpants (6/16) ETS
Huggies Save $2/1 Pull-Ups training pants jumbo pack+ (6/16)
Irish Spring Save $.50/1 deodorant (6/9)
Irish Spring Save $.50/1 multi-bar pack 3pk+ or 1 body wash excludes 2.5oz size (6/9)
Jamba Save $1/2 frozen smoothie kits 8oz (7/31)
Kotex Save $1.50/2 Natural Balance (6/30)
Kraft Save $1/2 dressings or sizzling salads dinner kits (6/17)
K-Y Save $2/1 product excludes jelly (8/31)
La Victoria Save $.75/1 tortillas (7/29)
La Victoria Save $1/2 products 12oz+ (7/29)
Maruchan Save $.50/1 Yakisoba product (7/31)
Mrs. Cubbison’s Save $.55/1 salad toppings (7/31)
Nerf/Duracell Save $5 off 1 Nerf Supersoaker Thunderstorm 28495 blaster OR 1 N-Strike Barricade RV-10 18616 or 38555 blaster AND 1 Duracell CopperTop, Ultra Power, Rechargeable, Charger or Specialty batteries (6/15)
Nestle Save $.50/1 Nesquick powder or syrup (8/12)
Newton’s Save $1/2 8-14oz (6/20)
Opti-Free Save $2/1 PureMoist contact lens solution 10oz+ (7/31)
Philadelphia Save $.55/1 cooking creme (6/23)
Planters Save $1/1 Nut-rition product 8.75-10.25oz excluding bars (8/31)
Resolve Save $.75/1 high traffic foam product (7/1)
Resolve Save $.75/1 product (7/1)
Sargento Save $.55/1 natural cheese snacks (7/1)
Schick Save $2/1 Intuition 6ct refill (6/17)
Schick Save $2/1 Intuition razor or refill (6/17)
Schick B1G1 free disposable razor pack up to Save $10.50 excludes 2ct (6/17)
Simple Save $1/1 skincare product (6/17)
SnackWell’s Save $1/2 bars 5ct boxes dnd (8/31)
Snyder’s Save $1/1 flavored pretzel pieces or pretzel sandwiches 8oz+ (7/31)
So Delicious Dairy Free Save $1/1 product (7/31)
Splenda Save $1/1 no calorie sweetener product (6/30)
Sweet Baby Ray’s Save $1/2 barbecue sauce (6/30)
Twizzlers Save $1/3 bags 11oz+ (7/13)
U by Kotex Save $1/1 liners (6/30) ETS
U by Kotex Save $1/1 pads (6/30) ETS
U by Kotex Save $1/1 tampons (6/30) ETS
Ultra Palmolive Save $.50/1 dish liquid 20oz+ (6/9)
Unisom Save $1/1 product (7/31)
White Castle Save $.50/1 6ct package microwaveable hamburgers or cheeseburgers (8/18)
White Castle Save $1/1 16ct package microwaveable hamburgers or cheeseburgers (8/18)
Zevia Save $3/1 6pk (7/31)

Red Plum

Advil $1/1 20ct+ (8/31/12)
Advil $1/1 PM 16ct+ (8/31/12)
Axe $1/1 anti-perspirant or deodorant or body spray ets (6/17/12)
Best Foods $1/1 product 16.5oz+ ets (6/17/12)

  Brillo Soap Pads 10 ct. or 18 ct. .55/1 (7/19/12)
   Brillo Estracell Sponge Products $1.00/2 (7/19/12)
Best Foods $1/1 product 16.5oz+ ets (6/17/12)
Caress $.75/1 12oz+ body wash or 6-bar+ pack ets (6/17/12)
Clear $2/1 hair care product ets (6/17/12)
Degree $.75/1 for Men Adrenaline Series or for Women Expert Protection product ets (6/17/12)
Fancy Feast $1/24 3oz cans gourmet cat food (8/20/12)
Finish Touch $1/1 SMILE package (7/30/12)
Jack Daniel's $.75/1 Marinade in a Bag (7/31/12)
Jack Daniel's $1/2 BBQ 19oz+ (7/31/12)

King’s Hawaiian Hamburger Buns, Hot Dog Buns, Sandwich Buns or Mini Sub Rolls $1/1 (7/22/12)
Lipton $.40/1 tea bags, Tea & Honey To-Go or pitcher size or iced tea mix ets (6/17/12)
L'Oreal $1/1 Paris skincare product standard size ets (7/15/12)
L'Oreal $2/1 Excellence or Excellence to-Go shade (7/15/12)
L'Oreal $3/1 Paris face cosmetic product excludes Magic Perfecting Base .17floz mini size (7/15/12)
Morton $1/2 40, 50 or 80lb System Saver II Pellets or $1/2 40 or 80lb Rust Remover Pellets or $1/3 25lb System Saver II Pellets (9/23/12)
Nalley $.75/1 pickles, peppers, relish 16oz+ (7/8/12))
Q-tips $.30/1 product 170ct+ ets (6/17/12)
Slim Fast $1/1 meal bar or snack bar multipack (6/17/12)
Slim Fast $1/1 shake multipack (6/17/12)
Suave $.50/1 deodorant product ets (6/17/12)
Suave $.50/1 Professionals styling product ets (6/17/12)
Suave $.50/2 Professionals shampoo or conditioner products ets (6/17/12)
Suave B1G1 free body lotion ets up to $3 (6/17/12)
Suave B2G1 free Naturals or Kids body wash ets up to $3 (6/17/12)
ThermaCare $1/1 2ct+ (8/31/12)
Vaseline $.50/1 lotion 10oz+ including Men ets (6/17/12)
Wish-Bone $.25/1 dressing ets (6/17/12)
Yosicle $1/1 12 pack (6/17/12)
Zyrtec $4/1 product ets (7/31/12)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

100% Savings at Riteaid!

I went to Rite Aid and they had the Kit Kat Dark Chocolate 2/$1. Well on them where peelies for 0.50 off one. They where store coupons.

I got 14 Kit Kats $7
- $7 in peelies
100% free!

No tax or anything! I was in shock and so was the cashier as usually you have to pay tax. 

So, check out your Rite Aid!

New Ocean Spray Fruit Flavored Snacks Coupon!

There is a new *hot* coupon for Ocean Spray. 

*I received this information and coupon offer through MyBlogSpark.*

Monday, May 14, 2012

PrintRunner Giveaway!

You can print online with PrintRunner. They print business cards that look professional and expensive at an affordable rate.

If you have your own business you know that first impressions are everything! So, if you are thinking of starting a business or have one already you should checkout 

Now, is offering one of my lucky readers 250 Business cards!

Here is the details:
250 2x3.5 (Standard) Business cards
4/4 Color Both Sides
14pt UV Coating on Front, 14 pt UV Coating on both sides
No proof or rounded corners

Giveaway is open to US residents 18 years or older!

*Thank you PrintRunner for providing this giveaway! I will receive a set of business cards for hosting this giveaway.*

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, May 13, 2012


I hope all you mom's have had a wonderful Mother's Day! As a mother our work is never finished! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Enter to win a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer!

Want a chance to win a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer? I do as I have been wanting one forever. I bake alot so this would be a nice addition to my kitchen. So, why not enter here.

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*HOT* Save $2 On Any FOUR Kellogg's Cereals Coupon

Right now their is a *HOT* new coupon for Kellogg's Cereal over here.

It's Save $2 on any FOUR Kellogg's Cereals (10oz or Larger, Any Flavor, Mix or Match)

I don't see this coupon lasting long exp 6/8/12.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Couponing Review and Giveaway!

As most of you probably figured out I am a couponer. I actually got started couponing when my husband called me and told me that I needed to watch the Extreme Coupon Show. He heard some people at his work talk about how much they saved. I watched it and was like wow! I didn't like most of the things some of them did but I was impressed with the savings. So, I started on my journey to couponing!

I want to clarify that I don't support the Extreme Coupon Show at all. Those people are hmmmm Crazy! And seriously buying stuff you don't need? I understand donating but I don't support shelf clearing! You aren't a shelf clearer if their is only 2 of said item you where plan on getting. 

I recently got this book The Complete Idiot's Guide to Couponing. In this book it shows readers how to maximize savings by couponing more strategically. The book includes:

  • Different types of coupons and how to use each most effectively
  • Stacking coupons to maximize savings
  • Earning money back from shopping trips
  • Saving money while shopping online
  • Couponing for special diets, including shopping for organics and allergen-free items
  • Organizing coupons--and organizing the stockpile of purchases
  • Finding the deals
  • Sharing couponing bounty with others
In this awesome book Author Rachel Singer Gordon (Lombard, III) also addresses some common questions and complaints on why most people don't coupon like "Couponing takes too much time." She also writes a popular couponing blog 

I learned some new things I didn't know myself and about some awesome apps that you can use to save money before you even shop! This is a very good book for every couponer out there or newbies looking to get in. 

Now on to the giveaway one lucky reader will win their very own copy of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Couponing. Open to US residents only!

*This product was provided to me free of charge for purpose of this review. This is my honest opinion of this product and no monetary compensation was received for my opinion*

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Swag Bucks Coupons!

As many of you probably have heard of Swagbucks, but did you know that you can print coupons from their site? Not only can you print them you can also earn points for redeeming them! Usually it's 10 swagbucks per coupon redeemed. But for the month of May they are doubling it to 20 swagbucks per coupon redeemed!

I love it as I have been printing and redeeming my coupons from swagbucks since I signed up. It's a easy way to earn swagbucks while saving money too! 

So, why not start clipping and saving today! If you haven't signed up I recommend you do so! Just go here and sign up! It's the easiest way to earn great stuff!

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Crystal Light Coupons!

Crystal Light coupons are still available on their facebook page here.

Right now Crystal Light is on BOGO at Publix and Winn Dixie! Hurry as these coupons never last long.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Over 100% Savings at Publix!

Blueberry Bagel 4ct
- $1 off bakery item with purchase of $10 store q

Ciabatta Roll 4ct $3.56
-free Ciabatta Roll store q

(6) EZ Lasagna Pan B1G1 $1.99
-(6) $1 off EZ Pans store Q

(2) Sundown Prenatals $5.99
- $5/2 Sundown Green Adv Fly Q
-$3/2 Sundown Natural email Q

(2) Sundown Potasium $3.89
- $5/2 Sundown Green Adv Fly Q
-$3/2 Sundown Natural email Q

(2) Sundown Folic Acid $3.79

- $5/2 Sundown Green Adv Fly Q
-$3/2 Sundown Natural email Q

(2) Sundown Vitamin A $3.29

- $5/2 Sundown Green Adv Fly Q
-$3/2 Sundown Natural email Q

Publix Ice Cream $3.50
- Free Publix Ice Cream store Q

(2)Lettuce Shredds B1G1 $1.99

(2) Publix Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast B1G1 $8.40
-$5 off Publix meat with the purchase of $5 meat store Q

(15) Stonyfield Organic Yogurt $0.60
- (5) $2/3 Stonyfield Organic Yogurt printable coupon

-$3.50 RR
-$5/30 Publix Store Coupon
-$5/30 Winn Dixie Store Coupon

Should of been -$2.90 but instead the manager had to adjust one of my $5/2 Sundown store coupons to $2.29 so my total before tax was
after tax -0.19

I should of gotten $2.90 back. I should be happy but the hours I spent for this trip really make me upset. This is the 3rd problem I have had with our new Publix that just opened. This is why I will continue to drive 20 minutes to my favorite Publix and the fact that the one I drive out of my way for will take Target Coupons.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Running Out? Run In Publix Coupon Sheet

I found this coupon sheet at my Publix the other day. They have done these in the past after the stocking spree booklets expire. I am hoping they come out with another sheet as before their has been 2 different ones.

$2 off any one 90 count Totino's Pizza Rolls
$2 off any one Wanchai Ferry Frozen Entrees
$1 off any one chex cereal
$1 off any two green giant frozen vegetables assorted varieties 7-10 oz package
$0.55 off any one dawn any size
$2 off any one luvs diapers
$1 off any two pillsbury ready to bake cookies
$2 off any one bounty 6 roll or larger
$1 off any two charmin or charmin basic
$0.55 off any one crest toothpaste 4 oz or higher

These all exp 6/2/12

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My savings and clearance finds!

I was at Rite Aid last night running in as I wanted to find some nonpermant hair color. I don't want nothing permant. Just so you know I am not changing my hair color I just have to cover up my gray. I am too young to look old. As I started getting gray at 21. Not fun but runs in the family and it just seems to be worse now. So, I was of course trying to find the best deal. I also wanted to pick up some free Oreos and some vapor baby bath for my poor sick baby.

Here is what I got:

I first off gave the cashier my 10% shopping pass I gotten awhile back that didn't exp till 6/30

L'oreal Paris Healthy Look $9.99
took $1 off from 10% discount
used $2 off manufacture printable here
$3 off video values here
$3.99 after all coupons and discount

(4) Oreo singles on sale 2/$1
used (2) video values for $1/2 oreos here

(2)  Rite Aid Tugaboos Baby Vapor Bath 2/$5
$1 off Tugaboos Baby load2card here  (it actually says baby wipes not sure why it took it off but it did)
$4 plus a $1 UP when you buy 2 

Used $5 UP
total before tax: $2.99
after tax: $4.26 with a $1 UP
Making it $3.26

I also found if you are looking for cheap hair color Natural Instincts Creme

clearanced to $2.24

They also had Natural Instincts Vibrant

Clearanced to $2.24 as well.

Their is a $5/2 and a $2 on one in 4/29 PG inserts. Making it for some free hair color or $0.24 hair color. The shades above is all that was left at my Rite Aid they did have another shade of blonde. So, it is worth checking out!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Please Help me out!

Lowes is having a great promotion. You can do it too. Just click on my link and RT to help me out. If you do it leave your link and I will return the favor!

—╪§═۞   | RT my tweet and help make it bloom. No Purchase Necessary.

Thanks! As I could really use this as we are fixing to start building a covered porch off the back of our house.

Also, if you don't know their is another great offer at Publix for $50 Lowes Giftcards for $40 when you buy $25 worth of groceries you get $10 off the $50 giftcard. Can't beat that deal either!

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