Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Simone France Skin Care Review and Giveaway!

I recently got the luxury of  trying Simone France Body Buff and Body Glow.

Can I tell you I absolutely love it! Their are several ways to use the Body Buff. One is where you scrub it on and wash it off with soap. I personally didn't try that one as I wanted the nice moisturizing benefits of it. So, what I did was wash with my soap. Then afterwards scrub with the Body Buff and rinse off. I promise you will love how moisturized and soft your skin is afterwards! I also loved the smell of the scrub which to me smelled like lemon drops. My husband informed me that it smelled so good it made him want to bite me. Eeek!

Then after you get out of the shower and dry off you just lotion with the Body Glow for added softness. I really love it! I have to say I feel kinda of spoiled using it! Now I don't have to worry about drying out! And a add bonus for me is that neither the scrub or lotion are super strong smelling as being pregnant this super sense of smell is no fun. 

The best part is Simone France is offering one of my lucky readers their very own Body Duo like I received above to try!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

National Pizza Month!

Did you know that October is National Pizza Month? It was first observed in the United States during 1984 and designated by Gerry Durnell, the founder of Pizza Today magazine.

So, this month I let the kids do the pizza cooking! I bought Thomas English Muffins, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and Hormel Pizza Toppings! They had a several choices Italian Sausage Crumbles, Beef Crumbles, and/or Turkey Pepperoni.

They got creative and made several different kinds. Some are just cheese pizza eaters. While the others went wild with the toppings! Over all they had a blast! It made for a very simple meal that they ask for now all the time. I can't eat pizza right now so I didn't join in the fun. The joys of morning sickness and pizza just don't agree with me. 

What are some of your creative pizza creations? What are some ways you let your kids get involved with cooking?

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Laser Pegs Review and Giveaway!

I recently received Laser Pegs for my kids to play with. I have to tell you they where a huge success! My soon to be 5 year old was looking at the different ones you could build with and built several by herself. I was so proud of her!

My older kids also enjoyed playing with them as did I. They also light up and flash which makes it more fun in the dark! You know what the best part is you can use these with legos! 

Their are so many endless possibilities that you can create. Not only that but these would make great birthday and Christmas gifts as well!

One lucky reader will win their very own Laser Peg Kit!

*This product was provided to me free of charge for purpose of this review. This is my honest opinion of this product and no monetary compensation was received for my opinion*

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday! Need I say more?


The picture says it all! We are expecting #8 May 29th, 2013. I could be off and be due as late as June 1st. But either way we all know babies never come on their due dates. Mine like to bake as long as possible. So, I know it won't be early! 

Gift Giving Made Easy with Red Envelope!

I was recently given the opportunity to review RedEnvelope.com. RedEnvelope is a great site for purchasing gifts for every occasion!

The name RedEnvelope comes from a firmly held belief in Asian cultures that the color red is an auspicious symbol of happiness. Gifts are often presented in a single red envelope- a time less tradition that carries with it well wishes of prosperity, fortune, appreciation, and love. 

With Christmas fast approaching now is the time to get started on Christmas shopping! So, I decided to get this cute photo tote for my mom. With as many grand kids I have given her and 2 new ones on the way she will be wanting to brag about them for sure.

Then I got this cute puppy cuddling mat for my new nephew that is due in March! I am so excited to finally be a Aunt! I also had to get one for our new arrival in May!
I found RedEnvelope very easy to find what I was looking for. Shipping was very fast! They had options where you could personalized your gift and have it gift wrapped and sent directly to the recipient.

*This product was provided to me free of charge for purpose of this review. This is my honest opinion of this product and no monetary compensation was received for my opinion*

Monday, October 15, 2012

Won't be posting for a couple days!

Due to getting a horrible stomach bug that my kids shared with my I won't be posting for the next couple days. I am trying to recover. I feel horrible and ache all over. My poor stomach is so sore.

I pray none of ya'll get it! It is so not fun. Especially when you are pregnant! That is right we are 8 wks pregnant with #8. I am so excited. Praying it's a boy. Although a few of my family been saying twins. We shall see soon enough!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Seasame Street Live in Montgomery AL Giveaway!

Sesame Street Live is going to be in Montgomery, AL at the Montgomery Performing Arts Centre Tuesday, November 20 & Wednesday, November 21!
Make sure you mark your calendar for this once-in-a-lifetime event--monsters become musicians! Elmo, The Count, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Bert & Erinie and all their funny furry friends are taking to the stage to share the magical world of music with children. When Jenny, the new Sesame Street music teacher, move into town, her instruments get lost. Jenny's new Sesame Street friends quickly come to her rescue, and they all discover "instruments: that they never knew existed.... rubber duckies, trash can lids, and even their own laps! The characters teach children, and themselves, that everyone has the ability to make beautiful music, whether they realize it or not. Don't miss this opporutinity to count with The Count, visit Elmo World and do the Crumb-A-Rumba with Rosita and Cookie Monster at Sesame Street Live "Elmo Makes Music."
Ticket prices are $15, $20, $30 for Gold Circle and $56 for Sunny Side Seats. Sunny Side includes VIP seats and a preshow meet and greet with two Seasame Street Live friends.

Showtimes are
November 20 6:30 pm
November 21 10:30 am & 6:30 pm

Use code "ERNIE" at ticketmaster.com to get $3 off each ticket. Offer excludes Gold Circle and Sunny Side Seats.

I will say this we went last year and had a blast it was Elmo Superhero's and my little ones loved it! So, if you kids love Elmo and Seasame Street this would be great for them!

Now, one lucky reader will win a family 4-pack to see Elmo Makes Music!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Livrada Review and Giveaway!

Have you ever wanted to get someone a ebook but felt it was so inpersonal as it is sent electronicly? Well now there is Livrada! You can purchase Livrada ebooks at Target or online. It is the perfect solution to making it more personal.

I love how the ebook gift cards look they are the cover picture of the book. You also get to pic the platform in which to read it. I have both the Nook and Kindle app. But I chose to redeem it on my Nook app.

I have to say I love the easy way to redeem and use these ebooks. I purchased the State of Wonder. I have yet finished it myself as I have been so busy here lately. But so far I have been enjoying it.

Now, Livrada is going to give one of my lucky readers their very own ebook gift card to reedem.

http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/82ce7022/" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

 *This product was provided to me free of charge for purpose of this review. This is my honest opinion of this product and no monetary compensation was received for my opinion*

Monday, October 1, 2012

Clean out your Garage Day Giveaway!

This past September 8th was National Clean out your Garage Day! This is a day set aside to teach people about garage safety.

Did you know that 39% of people trip over an item in their garage. More than 27% have hit an object with their vehicle door and 22% have accidently hit something when parking.

Well in honor of National Clean out your Garage Day,  I received the following:

  • Crawford 16” Adjustable Storage Organizer: Designed for use anywhere in your home, garage, workshop, tool shed or basement, this system is great for hanging brooms, rakes and other lawn supplies.
  • Crawford Sliding Spring Grip Organizer: Grips slide into position anywhere along the bar for maximum use. Guaranteed to never lose tension, the grips can hold hardware, garden tools, shovels and more.
  • Quickie 2-in-1 Squeegee Pushbroom: This 2-in-1 pushbroom is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Effortlessly sweep away dirt and debris or use the built-in professional-grade squeegee to push away excess water.
  • ACE Multi-surface Pushbroom: This durable pushbroom is perfect for sweeping heavy debris, including caked-on dirt, gravel and construction materials.
  • Lysol SpongesSuper absorbent and safe on most surfaces, these sponges can help tackle any tough mess.  

 I really loved Sliding Spring Grip Organizer I use it to hold my mops and brooms. My husband on the other had loved the ACE Multi-surface Pushbroom and Quickie 2-in-1 Squeegee Pushbroom. As now he can get his shop nice and clean. 

Now one lucky reader will receive the exact same kit I received above to help them get their garage cleaned!