Monday, October 29, 2012

National Pizza Month!

Did you know that October is National Pizza Month? It was first observed in the United States during 1984 and designated by Gerry Durnell, the founder of Pizza Today magazine.

So, this month I let the kids do the pizza cooking! I bought Thomas English Muffins, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and Hormel Pizza Toppings! They had a several choices Italian Sausage Crumbles, Beef Crumbles, and/or Turkey Pepperoni.

They got creative and made several different kinds. Some are just cheese pizza eaters. While the others went wild with the toppings! Over all they had a blast! It made for a very simple meal that they ask for now all the time. I can't eat pizza right now so I didn't join in the fun. The joys of morning sickness and pizza just don't agree with me. 

What are some of your creative pizza creations? What are some ways you let your kids get involved with cooking?

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