Friday, May 4, 2012

My savings and clearance finds!

I was at Rite Aid last night running in as I wanted to find some nonpermant hair color. I don't want nothing permant. Just so you know I am not changing my hair color I just have to cover up my gray. I am too young to look old. As I started getting gray at 21. Not fun but runs in the family and it just seems to be worse now. So, I was of course trying to find the best deal. I also wanted to pick up some free Oreos and some vapor baby bath for my poor sick baby.

Here is what I got:

I first off gave the cashier my 10% shopping pass I gotten awhile back that didn't exp till 6/30

L'oreal Paris Healthy Look $9.99
took $1 off from 10% discount
used $2 off manufacture printable here
$3 off video values here
$3.99 after all coupons and discount

(4) Oreo singles on sale 2/$1
used (2) video values for $1/2 oreos here

(2)  Rite Aid Tugaboos Baby Vapor Bath 2/$5
$1 off Tugaboos Baby load2card here  (it actually says baby wipes not sure why it took it off but it did)
$4 plus a $1 UP when you buy 2 

Used $5 UP
total before tax: $2.99
after tax: $4.26 with a $1 UP
Making it $3.26

I also found if you are looking for cheap hair color Natural Instincts Creme

clearanced to $2.24

They also had Natural Instincts Vibrant

Clearanced to $2.24 as well.

Their is a $5/2 and a $2 on one in 4/29 PG inserts. Making it for some free hair color or $0.24 hair color. The shades above is all that was left at my Rite Aid they did have another shade of blonde. So, it is worth checking out!

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