Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's the weekend! And upcoming Giveaways!

I am so glad it's the weekend! We have one week of school down! Which is a great relief to me. Praise the Lord for that! Amen Amen. It was a great week with a few little problems that got solved right quick. It seems so far we are going to have a great school year.

I am working with our 2 1/2 year old this year. I know it's early and my goal is to have her reading by the end of the year. We shall see if I succeed if not that is okay too as she is only 2 1/2. She already knows her ABCs and can count to 20. She started all that at 2. So, this week we dealt with just the letter A and that it makes the short a sound. We worked on the number zero and the color red along with the shape circle. She has done extremely well with all that. I am very impressed!

Then I have been working on my 15 month old going to the potty. She has went and pottied everytime I have set her on it. I have yet to get her to poo in the potty but that will come. She sometimes tells me when she has to go by going to the bathroom and pointing to the potty or she goes to the bathroom door and knocks on it. We keep the one closed that is near my school room to keep her out for now. So, we got success their.

I also haven't much chance to get all these great product reviews and giveaways wrote up like I have been wanting to because of starting this school. I am trying to figure out how to juggle everything now. As I don't touch the computer while we are doing school. So, I am trying to get all my reviews and giveaways done in the afternoon but still have time for my family too. So, I kinda slacked on posting as much as I want. I plan on working on that this week even if I write them and schedule post which by the way is a great feature and life saver!

I will give you a sneak peak of some upcoming giveaways.
Great Cakes Soap Works
Flowerz in Her Hair
Amy Arts Design
Monkisee Monkido

Cloth diapers
Best Bottom Diapers

This are in no particular order. So, make sure you stay tuned as you never know what will be next! Also, on another note all giveaways are for US residents only unless stated otherwise. I hope that will help with the confusion. As I forget to put that on all my giveaway post.

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