Monday, June 28, 2010

New look!

Well I just changed my blog to a 3 column layout! Which gives me more space to add more buttons! Yay! I also wanted to let you know that if you have entered my giveaways I use to only have reader. So, that made it the only way you can subscribe to my blog. Well that has changed today as I had some people ask about email and I thought I had that option on here but guess I didn't. So, I am going to change my giveaway subscribes to email. So, if you have scribed via reader that is fine but if you have entered my giveaways and want a extra 3 entries all you have to do is subscribe via email and I will allow you 3 extra entries!

So, starting today you can get 3 extra entries on any or all my giveaways by subscribing via email! If you have subscribed via reader you still get those 3 entries. It's just a great way to get 3 extra entries!

I got 2 giveaways ending today and one tomorrow! So, if you want 3 extra entries for those you better act fast!

Giveaways ending tonight are:

My Baby Can Talk Sharing Signs and Board Book Giveaway

Skoy Cloth Giveaway

Giveaway ending tomorrow is:

Wild Texas Wear Cupid Shorts

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