Monday, July 26, 2010

You ever lose stuff.....

and wonder what happened to it? I know I am always losing stuff. Or should I say misplacing it. The most common thing I misplace is my cell phone.

I blame it on having kidtimers. I know it's not a word but hey it's mine. Well today I as usual couldn't find my crochet hook. I knew where I had left it but it wasn't there. So, we did a wild search and no luck. Then I was like that's it pull all the coushions off the couch it's got to have been eaten by the couch! Well sure enough after getting the kids to stick their tiny hands in my couch we begin to find....... first my hook! YAY!

Then we found my oldest ruler that had been missing for 2 months and then we found my ruler that had been missing for 3 months. Wow my couch was hungry. Along with that we found some change, some bookmarks, and some animal crackers!

At least we know that my couch not only likes to collect our stuff it likes to eat food just as much as we do. So, next time you lose or misplace something check the couch! You will be surprised at what it has ate over time. If you do be prepared to get icky. That's why I had my kids stick their hands in there. LOL


  1. Our couch is usually the first place we check because we have big cushions that like to swallow up things very easily! LOL

    Glad you found it!

  2. All. The. Time. LOL. Its always either in my couch or in one of the boys cloth toy bins. Most times I can ask my oldest son and he knows right where they are. Especially my keys!

  3. I totally know what your talking about! My daughter is always losing her knitting needles and cant figure out that its probably in the couch!! Yes she knows how to knit- she is 16. It is amazing what you find in the couch isnt it?
    Good post!!

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  5. haha i loose stuff all the time and blame it on kiditus!

  6. following back from tag-along tuesday.

    I'm always loosing things and finding them in the couch. The longest something was missing was 2 year and after we moved we found it in the couch, LOL

  7. Oh yeah, the couch is the best place to find stuff in this house too. It's especially handy to find a few bucks in money!

  8. I remember when I was young, we'd always check the couch after my uncle sat down because he'd lose change like crazy whenever he sat down.

  9. I swear that in my house we always lose the scissors! We never know where they end up and most of the time we need them for something... It's a pain. Maybe I should just buy like 5 pairs of scissors and keep them around everywhere because I absolutely hate looking for scissors! We always lose the remote in the couch...


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