Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blog Changes

Due to the site I got my background from having issues with photobucket I had to go through and give my blog a new makeover. In the process that means a new button. If you have my old button you will need to update to the new one.

I have spent the last 2 hours working on my blog and I am going to go through another revamp in the near future as I am in the works of moving to my own domain. I am not sure at this moment when that is going to occur but I will let you know when I get ready to move.

Thanks for supporting me and my blog! Please feel free and leave me a comment on weather or not you like my new look.


  1. Just my opinion but you have the prettiest blog I have come the glittery glitz!!

  2. Love the new design! I updated your button!

  3. I love the look...its very pretty and I love the colors. I especially like the butterflies♥


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