Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Good Samaritan

What a day today has been! I had to go to the town over to run some errands and then went to my mom's since she lives over that way. We had lunch and spent some time with her since she was off work today. I don't get to see my mom as much as I use to as we live 30-45 mins away from each other. But she does make a point to come see me from time to time.

Well we left as I needed to get home to get the little ones down for a nap. What happens on the way home? My back driver side tire blew! Yep it blew! I noticed it right off Praise God I did otherwise I would of had a messed up rim. Talk about scare you half to death! That was one experience that I personally didn't want to experience especially with kids in the truck.

Then the next thing that goes through my head is ok now who can I call to help me change this tire? As a woman I personally can't change a tire and since this happened I so am going to make hubby teach me. I couldn't call hubby to come help me as he works a hour away from home and I was only like 15 mins from the house. So, finally I started off calling my pastor well he was out of town. So, I called our deacon and he said he could come. YAY!

Praise God I had a full spare tire and not a donut.

Then along comes a Good Samaritan! He passed by and saw what happened and turned around. He was head out of state actually with a trailer. He said he passed by and saw what happened turned around because he knew he had all the tools and he would want someone to help his wife if she where stranded. So, he pulls out this heavy duty jack and his other heavy duty tools and changes my tire. I was so happy! Really truly how many good Samaritans do you hear about these days?

Well after he got done doing that our deacon pulls up so I have him just toss my blown tire in the back of my husband's truck. He notices that my spare is flat so he drives my suburban to the gas station for me as I am scared to drive a flat tire. Well guess what? The gas station didn't have air! Can you believe that? Luckily I notice the place next door says tire on it so he pulls over their and they let him put air in my suburban. Whew! Boy was I so happy. Now I am super cautious driving right now. That really shook me up!

I can't say it enough I wish I had gotten his name so I could of sent him a Thank you card. But I will say it here instead. Thank you Good Samaritan you know who you are as I do not know your name. You have been such a blessing to me and my family!


  1. Isn't it nice when strangers are helpful and glad you and the kids are ok!

  2. Following from Welcome Wednesday


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