Monday, November 29, 2010

Winners and update!

Congratulations to the following WINNERS!

The winner of the Eco Natural Soap Giveaway is comment # 68 Mama needs a nap!

The winner of Ayala's Herbal Water Giveaway is comment #51 Emillie Rose!

The winner of the Pawparazzi Pet Giveaway is comment #179 Smash Bravo Team!

Congrads again to my recent Winners! Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while I did some crazy Black Friday shopping. Although I didn't get up early to go like some people. But I did catch some awesome deals! Like the Bath and Body works buy 3 get 3 free plus had a $10 off $30 purchase so I got 6 for $23! What a score! Then I went hunting Saturday with hubby and didn't see anything. Which was a bummer.

So, I am just curious what awesome deals did you take advantage of?

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