Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Comfy Rumps Review

ComfyRumps.com Diaper Services was born on a rainy November day in Vancouver, BC by Christie and Trey. After paying over two hundred dollars for 11 name brand diapers, and noticing 11 diapers was enough for a day and a half (max!), we decided washing them every day was not another chore we wanted to add to the list. Soon after, we launched our company with a great single product! Today we are continually working to provide affordable and environmentally friendly diapering alternatives to families across Canada and the USA.

Our goal is not to make a killing on selling diapers and diaper services. Our goal is to ensure that after our time, our children, grand children, and future generations can proudly say “Our parents/grandparents did their job to ensure we can breathe clean air, and drink clean water”. Our modern world war is the war on climate change and pollution. We are all responsible for making sure that our future generations do not suffer from the way we choose to live today. Nearly everything comes in disposable versions these days offering convenience in many aspects of our lives, but at what cost? We are proud to say we are trying to do our part, to promote a healthy planet for future generations and we strive to offer encouragement and education to everyone we can in order to help them do the same.

I recently got to try a Comfy Rumps one size white pul cloth diaper with snaps. This diaper is also available with velcro. It comes with one 3 piece microfiber insert. The inside of this diaper is made of micro fleece.
This diaper cost only $8.75 Canadian Dollars. Which isn't a bad price for a cloth diaper. I love the trimness of this diaper. But I will say that one insert is not enough especially if you have a heavy wetter. I would definitely reccommend you get some extra inserts. This is a pocket diaper so you can add as much absorbance as you need for you little one. I would definitely recommend this diaper if you are looking for a cheap way to cloth diaper.

Comfy Rumps also carries Minky and Organic Bamboo diapers as well.

*This product was provided to me free of charge for purpose of this review. This is my honest opinion of this product and no monetary compensation was received for my opinion.*

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