Friday, June 3, 2011

Why I hate grocery shopping!

Friday is always my grocery shopping day. I usually go in the evenings when hubby is home. But the last couple times I have had to go during the day because of plans we have on Friday nights. Well, today I made my trip to Walmart. I try to go to one place and just comp ads to save time and gas money.

Had all my comps done no problem at all. Handed the cashier my coupons she scans them but of course the lady behind me had started talking to me so I didn't pay much attention. She goes oh you are a extreme couponer. I was like no ma'am I am not. I am just trying to save some money.

Anyways on my way home I look at my receipt and notice that almost $8 of my coupons I gave the cashier wasn't taken off. I call Walmart and talk to someone. They said come back. So after coming home unloading all my groceries I go back. What a headache! I was afraid they wouldn't be able to as the cashier had my coupons. They went to the cashier and pulled all her coupons which were just mine. Yay! I got my money back! So, be sure to watch the cashier and not be side tracked. Ugh! From here on out either hubby goes or we do it another day!


  1. Thank goodness they refunded your money. $8 is a lot in coupons to miss!

  2. Hmmmm... that's kinda frustrating. I wonder if she got reprimanded?

    :) Blessings,


  3. oh my gosh, just because someone uses coupons doesn't mean they are an extreme couponer! this relates perfectly from my post, where i am visiting you back from.

    i like to go shopping with the boyfriend b/c he bags, and i watch the cashier/register. otherwise i feel pressured to bag my stuff as its being rung up. it isn't laziness, i just want to be sure it's being rung up right.

    that is so frustrating that you had to go back, that's happened to me, too. now, if i have any doubts, i check my receipt in the car before i leave.



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