Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day! Update!

Wanted to wish all those wonderful Dad's out their a Happy Father's Day!

This has been one crazy week here at my house! First off we deal with Hives which we are almost positive was a food allergy to something our little one never had before. Talk about freaking me out! Her hives finally completely disappeared after 4 days! Praise God!

Then my wonderful loving husband had his birthday this past Wednesday. Then of course tomorrow is Father's Day! I am kinda bummed as I order a card from the card store and it said it shipped earlier this week. I have not received it as it was missent! How that happened is beyond me but now we have no Father's Day Card. So, instead I made him a college from Walgreens! I am so bummed though I put alot of thought into that card. Oh well!

To make things great we are now officially done with school! Wooohooo! If I could run and shout I would but instead I will have to walk and shout. I was beginning to think this school year would never end as my 10 yr old had to finish up her math. She finished yesterday! So, glad too as I am hoping to relax Tuesday and enjoy my birthday!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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