Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pregnancy Update!

Well I went to my doctor appointment today for my regular check up. Been having some concerns dealing with my braxton hicks I was having so the doctor checked me. I haven't started dialting yet. Whew! I was worried because I have been having tons of braxton hicks here lately and some are like the ones you feel when it's time to push. So, I really wanted him to make sure all was well. He said I am closed and thick which is good.

Anyways last week on my birthday I had a fall. Praise God I caught myself and my belly barely touched the floor. But I have very bad ugly varicous veins in my left leg so I got a ugly bruise on that leg. Anyways the doctor told me to let him know if I have any cramping in that leg in my thigh as it could be a blood clot. He said since I fell it makes me more septical. I have only experienced Charlie Horses though so he said that wasn't a concern just cramps in the thigh. He said if I get any then I need to call him asap and he will schedule a deep vein sonogram.

I go back in 2 wks then it will be every week after that. Hard to believe I am on the downward hill of this pregnancy.

The best thing of the day was I got to have lunch with my mom and younger brother. She also treated me to Cold Stone! MMMMmmm!!! Got to love moms. I don't get to see her much as she leaves 30 mins away so if she is off when I have a doctor appointment we meet for lunch. 

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  1. Glad everything is going good with the pregnancy. I'm in my 31st week and having some braxton hicks as well, but the doctor said everything is fine :) Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy!


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