Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How are you showing your patriotic support this summer?

With Memorial Day behind us and Independence Day right around the corner how are you showing your patriotic support this summer?

We usually have a 4th of July get together with our church family! We have several people in our church that are in the military or retired veterans. We always are showing our appreciation for them. Not only that but we have a pretty decent size army base right here in our city.

We have done things in the pass like make quilts for the wounded overseas to also show our support for the troops. But this year I am thinking we will work on making a care package to send to a friend of ours overseas. I am thinking of including some simple easy foods like Hormel Pepperoni Stixs, Hormel Chilli, or maybe some Hormel Snac*Cups. Of course don't forget some chocolate and some soda or gatorade. Of course some sweet cards from loving kids!

What ways are you showing your patriotic support?

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