Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Well today is the day I am another year older. Boy does the time seem to fly by every year. It's hard to believe I am now 32. It just seems like yesterday I was a teenager.

I have to say my loving husband is full of surprises. I really wasn't expecting anything from him as all I wanted was some time alone with him with no kids. Not much to ask but since I am due in August I would love to have one more night away with no kids. As I know once this new little one arrives that won't be happening for a long time.

Well I actually got up shortly after him this morning. Which I must admit is the first time in a couple weeks because I just haven't been sleeping good being this huge. Anyways, he got me this beautiful yellow Calla Lily, a yummy smelling candle and a sweet card.

My sweet loving kids gave me a cute card as well!

So, we shall see if I get my night away or not. Either way I am happy! This weekend is usually the weekend we celebrate our birthday's together as his was just last week. So, we always just do something the weekend after mine as Father's Day is always the weekend of or before mine.


  1. Happy Birthday! My 3rd baby was also born in August...it was hot and uncomfortable near the end.


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