Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another week gone and .... a picture of me

I don't know about you but time is flying by. It will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas before we know it. Just since we all got comfortable writing 2010 we will be soon writing 2011. The kids are growing up like crazy and getting older every year.

Don't you just wish you could slow time down? I do sometimes as next month my baby will be 18 months and then my other little one will be 3. It just seems like yesterday they where babies. Not to count as soon as next year rolls around I will have teenagers!

Well I did something drastic for myself. I changed my apperance! It was something I have been thinking of doing. I didn't do nothing major like dye my hair but I went from not having bangs to getting bangs. I of course got tons of compliments on it. Even my loving husband likes my new look although it will take him awhile to get use to me. I told him it's like getting a new wife. LOL

I have never posted a picture of myself on here so here is a picture of me before:
Here is what I look like now that I got my bangs.
That handsome man behind me is my loving husband. What do you think?

On another note I am wondering what you are doing for your family this year for Christmas? I know alot of people are on a budget. So, are you doing handmade? Or just going to get a little something? Are you shopping online or in the store? I am getting in gear to do some Christmas Shopping as we never wait till Black Friday! I just can't do that.

Since Thanksgiving is just next month what special desserts do you make? I always make a pecan pie for sure.


  1. I like the new look! I do my Christmas shopping throughout the year. I put stuff back for the kids and my parents all the time! My husband is the hard one to shop for! We always go to my parents house for Thanksgiving...its a 10 hour drive so I don't usually make anything. My dad (my mom helps alittle) and aunts, and grandma do the cooking!

  2. Bangs look nice! These last few years I have not wanted to shop at all, but I still do. We already have so much "stuff" that the last thing I need is another tea set or random gift. I do gift cards a lot - not very inventive, but then the recipient can spend it on whatever they wish/need.

  3. LOL, time does go way too fast! Your new look is great! I love your bangs. They work really well with your face. Lovely!


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