Monday, October 4, 2010

Going out of town...

Just wanted to let you all know that my Plasma Review is now a Giveaway! So make sure you check that out and enter!

On another note I got two new giveaways posted today! One is for Little One Books and the other is for BabeeGreens. I have for sure one coming up for tomorrow maybe two. But we shall see.

I am getting my house cleaned up today and getting ready for this week. We are out of school this week as we have Family Camp Meeting! I am so excited and so are the kids. We are off to the woods! We stay at this nice facility that has cabins and nice bath houses. Of course it don't have ac or heat in the cabins but they do have that in the bath houses. But it will be alright as it is finally cooling off here. Just the thing is we are going to have to pack warm for the nights as it suppose to be in the low 50s at night. Brrr!

I love this camp meeting as it is such a nice and much needed change of scenery! Plus it's just a great time to enjoy God's Creation. I of course need the preaching who doesn't. We get to see friends that we haven't seen in awhile and some great preachers.

This camp meeting is nice as we have preaching in the morning and at night only so the afternoons are yours to spend with your family. Of course we will be playing some volleyball! I love volleyball.

Anyways I will be away from blogging from Wednesday till next week Monday. Just wanted to inform all you as I don't want you to think I just fell off the face of the earth. :) I am just off for a much needed vacation.

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