Thursday, October 28, 2010

10 Great Uses for Vaseline!

As most families we have always kept a jar of Vaseline in our house. I bet their is one somewhere in yours. I know growing up I never really understood what all the hype was about Vaseline till I became a mother. This year is Vaseline's 140th Anniversary! In like of that I would like to share my 10 uses for Vaseline in my house.

!. Use on a rectal thermometer. Great lubricate to help ease that thermometer in pain free.
2. Remove tight rings. Apply a little around the edges of the ring and it will come off pain free.
3. Great relief for a chap face. Your face ever get wind chapped in the winter? My kids do and this works great at helping ease the pain and heal the skin.
4. Removing gum from hair. I am sure every parent has faced this problem at some time or other. Rub a good amount of Vaseline through the hair near the gum. The Vaseline will remove all the gum.
5. Great as chap stick. You ever get chapped lips during the winter? Just apply a little Vaseline and bye bye chap lips.
6. Keep baby bottom soft and rash free. Apply a little to baby's bottom and it will keep diaper rash away and keep it soft as well.
7. Stop squeaky door hinges. This works great especially if you have no WD-40 available. My husband applied some to my car door hinges and bye bye squeak. This also works great on any door hinge.
8. Soften up dry heels. Just apply Vaseline to the bottom of your dry cracked heels. Then put on a pair of socks and go to bed.
9. Apply to nails as a cuticle softener. Just rub a little bit on each nail and it softens those cuticles right up.
10. Mix with sea salts to make a hand or body scrub.

My husband who is a mechanic uses it to help lube bearings.

So, what are some ways you use Vaseline?

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  1. I put it on my eye lashes to help remove mascara..weird huh? It totally works though!


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