Monday, February 28, 2011

Ten Things My Kids Would Miss If I Got Abducted By Martians!

Here is a unique opportunity brought to me by Social Moms and Mars Needs Moms. What would my children miss most if I were abducted by aliens. Here are some things I think they would miss if mom suddenly disappeared without any explanation.

1. My baking! Who wouldn't? My kids love the fact that I love to bake! So, does my loving husband too. I really don't have a favorite thing I like to bake as it's all yummy. Baking helps me not eat as many sweets!

2. My playing with them! I love building Lego's and playing board games! My favorite board game is Sorry! Sometimes the kids get mad when I sorry them but it's all in fun!

3. Bath time. Seriously who would remind them time for baths? I have 2 different sets of ages in my house. The older kids need reminding as we time space baths because their are so many of us to have hot water. The little ones love for me to bathe them and play with them in the tub.

4. Read books! If I wasn't here they would have no one make the different voices for all the characters in the books. They all love it when I do that.

5. Teach them! They would have no one to teach them how to cook or how to sew. Or how to do their math problems correctly.

6. Of course my cooking! If I wasn't here they wouldn't have no one to cook for them. Or like I said teach them how to cook. They all love my cooking and helping.

7. Movies. They would have no one to snuggle with when watching a movie. I love snuggles.

8. My hugs and kisses. What kid would not miss their mom's hugs and kisses? That's the first thing they get in the morning and the last before they go to bed. Along with all the others I sneak!

9. Someone to tell their problems to. If I wasn't here they wouldn't have anyone to just talk to. Yes, I talk to my kids everyday and sometimes they just need us to listen.

10. Devotions. We have family devotions every morning before school. This is something all the kids look forward to and participate in.

So, what would your kids miss about you?

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  1. Those are great things! I could write the exact same post...I probably would add in boo boo kisser, nose wiper, tummy tickler to my list of mommy expertize! :)

    Great Post!!

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs


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