Thursday, February 3, 2011

Intelligender Prediction Test Review!

A while back I did a review and giveaway for IntelliCeutial and Intelligender. They where nice enough knowing I was trying to concieve at the time to send me a IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test!

Two working moms with seven children between them contemplated; “there must be a better way”. Fascinated about learning the gender of their developing babies as early as possible, they felt there had to be a way of bridging the curiosity gap between conception and Ultrasound. Early in 2005 they began identifying a group of medical and business professionals to help make this idea a reality. They assembled a world class organization ultimately forming IntelliGender® to research the development of an inexpensive, in-home gender prediction test. With an entrepreneurial spirit, they obtained the necessary capital and engaged scientists, chemists and engineers to help realize their dream. In November 2006, they launched the IntelliGender® Gender Prediction Test™, the world’s first, in-home, urine based test for gender prediction in the market. Intelligender quickly grew and is now available in retail outlets throughout the United States and in numerous countries around the world

IntelliGender's Gender Prediction Test™ is a simple urine analysis similar to the pregnancy test you took a few weeks ago. It uses first morning urine and a proprietary mix of chemicals which reacts with a combination of hormones to indicate the gender of your baby. It can be performed as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy (six weeks from the first day of the missed period). It is an easy test to perform and provides quick results in-home so the news can be shared right away.

IntelliGender reminds all pregnant moms that seeing an obstetrician early in the pregnancy is critical for the health of the mother and the baby and should follow the advice of their physician.

You simply collect first morning urine and insert into the test vessel. Swirl rapidly in a circular motion, place the test on a flat white surface undisturbed for minutes.

I took mine this morning and this is what I got!
I am 12 wks and 5 days pregnant today. I sure hope that this result is right. But we shall see come March when I have my next ultrasound to find out the gender. We sure could use another boy in this house!

I will say I had fun taking this test! You can find this at Walgreens and some other retailers.

*This product was provided to me free of charge for purpose of this review. This is my honest opinion of this product and no monetary compensation was received for my opinion*


  1. I used this when I was pregnant with my now 3 yr old. I'll be honest, I cried like a baby when it turned that color and I knew I was having ANOTHER boy. lol Of course I wouldn't change it now! Every lady I've known that has used this has gotten accurate results!

  2. How fun! Congratulations! I'm just 1 week behind you with our second baby. It would be fun to try this test just to see :)


  3. WOW! That is incredible!

    What will they come up with next?

    Blessings to you.


  4. How exciting!!! I can't wait to hear if it's right! Congrats! :)


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