Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Surgery Update!

I had my laser vein surgery yesterday. All went well. I felt fine afterwards and had to go walk the mall for 30 minutes after the surgery. I then had to go walk another 30 minutes later that afternoon. 

I didn't sleep good last night as the pain woke me up twice last night. From what I heard the first night is the worst. We shall see how tonight goes. The part that is the worst is bending my leg too much. It is hard for me to get dressed and put socks on for sure. I have to wear a compression stocking and compression bandage till Thursday when I can take it all off and wash that leg. After that I have to wear a compression stocking on that leg during the day hours only for 4 more days. I go back in next Monday for a one week check up. I can see bruising where my leg is not covered. I am not ready to see how bad bruised the rest of my leg is. The pain is very tolerable. But I am taking Motrin for inflammation per the doctor.

I have to walk for 30 minutes twice a day. I also have to walk around 5 minutes out of every hour. To ad on top of this mess I got a unexpected visitor. I was hoping she wouldn't show up but she did as soon as I got home. Aunt flow was not a nice surprise. I do plan on posting before and after pictures. 


  1. I really want to do this as well. I am so glad you are posting about this. What type of laser did they use? How did it feel during the procedure and how long did it last?

    1. I would say the total procedure was a hour. I am not sure on the type of laser he did say that it gets up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit. The laser looks like a cather tube they insert in your vein. I didn't feel nothing but sticks where he did injections of fluid with lidocaine and saline. Then he stuck in the laser. I felt pressure other then that it was great.


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