Friday, February 24, 2012

3 Things to look for in Home Health Care!

Until it sneaks up on most of us don't really know much about home health care! Then we have to learn fast all their is to know to make a quick decision. When we should think about it earlier on and research it out before it sneaks up on us. That way we are more prepared for the future.

Home health care allows patients to recuperate or receive treatment in familiar surroundings of home. As good as hospitals are, it is not  possible for hospital personnel to give the direct one on one attention that a home health care professional can give. Patients often experience frustration, depression, and anger in the unfamiliar surroundings of an institution. But in the comfort of their own home, not only do they feel better, recovery times can be shorter.

Patients that can benefit from home heath care include occupational injury sufferers or seniors facing health problems that require care, but not hospitalization. Indeed, anyone young or old, needing health care, recuperative physiotherapy, chronic care, medical attention, palliative care or assistance with personal care can benefit from in home care.

Here are a few things to look for when trying to find the perfect home healthcare to fit your needs.

1. Qualified Personal- This might sound obvious but you would be surprised at the lack of training of many so called home health care professionals. Make sure the person or people who will be providing the care are qualified in the particular care needed.

2. Established Home Health Care Agency- A established agency will be able to provide around the clock home health care for as long as you need it. The best agencies will have home health care manager who will be familiar with patients health care history and special needs. This means that any new caregivers will be up-to-date on patient's particular needs. You should also look for an agency that is managed by health care providers. They understand patients and their needs better then those who provide healthcare as a business opportunity.

3. Communication- Your home health care provider needs to be a good communicator. Very often, the home health care provider becomes a companion and confidante for the patient. The patient bonds with the caregiver because they feel the caregiver is the only one who understands what they are going through. The caregiver needs to be able to properly communicate and interpret outside information for the patient. Your home health care provider also needs to communicate with friends and family of the patient to make sure they are aware of the patient's condition, care, and concerns.

It is key that your loved one receives the best in home care available.

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  1. You have a really cute blog! ~ Did you read last week that the president of the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NACH) said home health services are at risk.

    “The Medicare homecare benefit, only $17 billion in 2009, has been cut by $77 billion over the next 10 years. As a result of these cuts, 53 percent of all Medicare participating agencies will be under water in 2012 – that is, paid less than their costs by Medicare."


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