Friday, February 10, 2012

Having Surgery.....

After much waiting I am finally getting laser vein surgery done. I have had bad varicose veins in my left leg since having my first baby 14 years ago. As most know that it is common to get them when pregnant. It is most common for them to be in the left leg due to the baby fetal position. Which in my cause is where they are. I have gotten a new one with every pregnancy and they don't get better after having my babies. Yes, the swelling goes down some but they due protrude.  

Since insurance wouldn't cover it being done till 6 months post baby here I am! At first they thought it was 3 months so we went through everything 3 months ago just to find out it was 6 months. And of course my insurance had to due that so know we have to pay another deductible. But anyways I had my doctor appointment today and they where able to schedule my surgery for this Monday!

I am so relieved to be able to finally get this over with. I am tired of the pain these have caused me but at the same time I am kinda of skeptical of the pain after the procedure. I am going to take pictures of before and after. I will be in compression stockings and a compression wrap for 3 days. So, due to this I may or may not be updating my blog. 

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