Thursday, April 15, 2010

Zenni Optical

I just have to brag I got some prescription sunglasses from Zenni Optical. I order them and it took 2 wks for me to get them. Anyways the frames over there start at $8 and go up. I got my prescriptin sunglass for a total of $24.80 with shipping.

That's cheap compared to what it would cost at the eye doctor. I am so pleased with my new sunglasses. As I haven't be able to wear regular sunglasses for years and never could afford prescription. I think next time I have to get new glasses though I will be ordering from them again.

Even transition lens are cheaper through them. I think I will get those next time around. But I just really have to say how pleased I am with Zenni Optical. It just goes to show you how much more the eye doctor's office charges.

So, if you are in need of glasses weather they be prescription sunglasses or just glasses I say check out Zenni Optical. You won't be disappointed.

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