Monday, April 19, 2010

What 20 cent items?

I am a follower of several blogs and ran across Nelle Bug's Tutus & More post on 20 cent items on Etsy. I was like do what? There is no way! Well sure enough they are and they are PIF or Pay it Forward Items. (So, if you purchase one of these please leave feedback and do something nice for someone else or create your own PIF listings.)

Cute Hair thingies

10 cent pearl earrings

Butterfly earring set

Bracelette and earring set

flip flop earrings

cute ponytail holder

PIF search results

Another note is some of these items are less than 20 cents and some are a little more. They are some free patterns even though it shows a price. If you click on the listing you will see that they are free and they have  a link to the site. So, go on over and check out some of these great PIFs! You don't want to miss out.

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