Monday, June 11, 2012

Similac SimplySmart Bottle Review!

I recently received the Similac Simply Smart Bottle! I have to say I love this bottle and so does my baby. This bottle is perfect for mom's that breastfeed and/or formula feed. The nipple is designed to be more like mom so it is easier to transition from breast to bottle. It has a intellivent system that minimizes baby's air intake for less fussiness and gas. It also has a smartclose which reveals a blue shield when the top is secure to prevent leaks and assure that the bottle is closed.

If you are a formula feeding mom and use powder this feature you are going to love! It has a easy mix innovated mixing device that hooks inside the bottle reducing clumps and bubbles. I loved this feature even though I breastfeed only. I did try it out on a friend's baby that uses powdered formula. I was impressed! Most people put the powder in and shake which most the time causes clumps and tons of air bubbles but not with this. Another great add on is the Similac On the Go Powder Cap! It is a unique cap that holds enough formula for a 8 oz bottle. 

This bottle is available in 4 and 8 oz sizes and a variety of nipple flow rates! It is also BPA free! 

I have to say that this bottle is one of my baby's favorite. She is bottle picky being breastfed. I love how simple and easy this bottle is to use. I did use this on my frozen breastmilk after it was dethawed as it had some clumps of fat in it. It helped mix them in. 

*Disclosure: I received a free Similac SimplySmart Bottle compliment of the Similac brand. No monetary exchange took place.*

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