Friday, November 25, 2011

HOT BLACK FRIDAY DEAL Brother Mono Laser Printer at Office Depot and Office Max!

If you print coupons like I do you probably blow through some ink!

Office Depot and Office Max offering the Brother Mono Laser Printer for $49.99!
This printer only prints black & white, so the toner cartridges last a really long time. Not only that, but the toner is only about $18-$20 to replace if you wait for a sale.

This printers normally run around $100 each! It also comes with a toner cartridge that prints 600-700 sheets. After it runs out you can get a refill high yield cartridge that prints 1500-2000 sheets! That's a lot of coupons!

I can't say enough how much I print coupons. It seems here lately a lot of my coupons are printables! Just last week I saved $373.96 at publix! I paid only $81.80 for all my groceries!

I even believe Staples has this awesome printer on sale as well. So, this is every couponers dream!

You also can get ink at for cheap!


  1. Great post. Can i print Plastic cards by any laser printer?

  2. Does any one know how to charge caps. i have different caps don't no how to charge, i clipped the cap off of disposable camera can that charge bigger capsPlastic cards Printing


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