Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why I have been MIA!

I have to say I am sorry I haven't posted all week nothing. I have been staying at my mom's being spoiled while my loving husband and boys are on a Mission Trip with the church to Honduras!

I have got to talk to him a few times while they have been gone and they got everything they went over there for done! I miss him terribly and can't wait for him to get home. Thank God he will be home tomorrow night late!

So, while they where away I was told to take it easy and rest. Hubby was really scared I would have this baby without him. I did have a scare Monday. I started hurting really bad and spotting. Called the doctor and they wanted me to take Tylenol and lay down for a hour and to call back. Anyways the pain went away and the spotting stopped. Then later that evening the horrible pain came back and was worse. Called the doctor back again and he wanted me to come to Labor and Delivery. The doctor then came in later and said that my urine was interesting. I was like great! He said I had blood in my urine but no bacteria and called it something. Anyways I am on antibiotics which had to be changed as the first set was making me have migraines and tingling of the hands.

But other then that things have been uneventful. I came home last night and brought my younger brother back with me. My 2 yr old has really clung to him since we went over to my mom's. She now calls him Bubba also. She really misses her daddy and bubbas. Poor baby and my 3 yr old has been really upset too. Little ones just don't take stuff like this easy. I know they will be all over him when they see him Tuesday morning and not wanting to let him go.

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