Monday, May 16, 2011

My Babies are growing up!

Well if I didn't feel old I do now! Yesterday my baby turned 2 and today my oldest baby turned 13! Yes, I said it we have now entered the teen zone! Am I ready for this? No, I don't think anyone is every ready for teenage hood! This is just the beginning I get another teenager at the end of this year! Then to make the deal even sweeter by next year in April I will have 3 teenagers! Yes I said the unthinkable 3 teenagers! Ekkk! The joys of parenting!

I am now embarking on new territory that I thought would never get here. Boy does time fly! It seems like just yesterday I had them. And they both have 1 thing in common they shared the same due date and where both late!

I am praying this little girl doesn't go past my due date for once. As my doctor for sure won't be able to deliver as he is going on vacation!

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  1. I'm feeling time flying often lately too... please check out my blog, I am your newest follower.
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