Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tons of WINNERS!

Congratulations to the following WINNERS!

The Winner of the Veeve Cosmetics Giveaway is comment #84 R!

The Winners of the Trilash Giveaway are comment #100 Erika, #46 Andrea D, #181 Tina Deanette Glover, and #30 karasceviour!

The Winners of the Omega Orange Giveaway are comment #5 Mindy, #9 Pheobie, #13 erin.nicole, #18 Attila and Tamara, and #31 Tina Deanette Glover!

The Winner of the Cowgirl Chocolates Giveaway is comment #25 blessedintexas!

The Winner of the Mozaik Designing Spaces Giveaway is comment #44 R!

I am sorry I am still sick and not feeling any better. This sinus mess has really gotten me down. My voice is about all gone which is so not fun. My kids are consonantly like hun what did mommy say? I feel like I am whispering ugh! But the good news is I had my ultra sound yesterday and we got to see the baby! I am about 7 wks along and we got to see it's heartbeat. Too precious! So, now I can breathe a little bit easier. My due date is August 13th but we know that never works out.

I have had some early and some late. My last one was late and you would think that as many kids as we have it would be the other way around. We shall see. We are praying for a boy but as long as it's healthy that's really all that matters. I hope everyone else is doing well and has a Merry Christmas!

I was hoping to be better by now but really just praying that by Christmas itself I will be back 100%.


  1. Yay! Thanks so much! But it's Gower not Glover! For some reason I get that all the time :)


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