Thursday, May 27, 2010

Potty Training

I am fixing to embark on a new journey of potty training again. I am currently working on making my little one some training pants. I got one done and another halfway done then got to get cutting out more.

I first wanted to test the size and see how they fit. You sure don't want to cut out a whole bunch and have wasted all that fabric for nothing. So, once I make enough trainers we start the potty training process.

I for one feel bad that I waited this late to start consider my last one I started at 8 months. Yes, I said 8 months. I had never heard of elimination communication before till I had my 2 yr old. I started reading about it when she was 7 months and then I started watching for her cues. I had her fully potty trained no accidents before she was even 2. I had her telling me verbally when she had to go by 15 months. We did have some accidents but that is to be expected.

Now my youngest is 1 and I feel like I am slacking. But now that school is done for the kids I can devote my time to potty training. That's really what I need as potty training is actually training the trainer to take the little one to the potty. I for one believe that even if you don't plan on potty training at least get a little potty and sit them on it so they can get use to it. Also, that way the little one isn't scared of the potty. I have read there is a age when one does become scared of the potty but I for one can't remember what age was said.

As a mom of 6 kids, I did deal with one of my kids being scared of the potty. I can tell you in all my potty training experience girls aren't necessary easier than boys and visa versa. Another good note is to set a timer. I usually start off with taking them every 30 mins and if they don't potty then take them back in 10 more mins. But if you are like me you can't keep looking at the clock so a timer is really handy.

So, stay tuned as I will update periodally about my potty training experience.

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