Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Great way to get rid of those unuseable electronics

I was just doing my usually web surfing this morning and came across this Walmart Electonics Trade-In

They offer money for some electronics that you don't want but from browsing through it's like newer stuff not stuff from like 5 yrs ago. But if you got something that don't work no more and to stop filling up our landmines this would be a great way to get it recycled! Plus they pay for the shipping to them. What better way to get rid of it.

Or you could try your local freecycle. I love freecycle! Find your local freecycle at http://www.freecycle.org/.

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  1. This is SUPER helpful, thank you. You wouldn't believe how many old electronic things I have sitting in my basement because I didn't know about this resource, awesome. I'm stopping by from Twittermoms and I just subscribed.


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