Thursday, May 13, 2010


Why do kids have to grow up? I remember this time last yr so well. I was huge and miserably pregnant as I was overdue or so I felt it. H didn't think she was. For some reason or another my oldest and my youngest had the same edd of May 12th and guess what? Neither came on that day. NOOOO they both had to be late. My oldest he was 4 days late which is expected with your first but you would think that by the time you get to #6 they wouldn't be late. Ugh! It's bad when you go into the dr office on your due date he says oh your just 2 cm. Not what you want to hear for sure.

It doesn't help none when you live in one of the hotest and humid place on earth or so it feels like. Yep went on having contracts from that dr visit till I had her. Not fun but well worth it. I remember calling the dr that Friday May 15th 2009 and asking if I could come in and him check me. Praise God he was on call so he had no prob. I went in and he says to me you are having contractions aren't you. I was like yes and I am tired as they would be 5 mins apart for about 2 hours then stop and wait 2 hours and do the whole process over again for 3 days. Not fun but at least I did get a break.

So, he checked me and goes well your 5 cm we can admit you in active labor and break your water and you can have this baby today! Boy was I so happy! I guess you can say I am one of the luckiest people as my obgyn has delivered my last 2 babies! What are the chances of that happening? Anyways he broke my water and in 2 hours we had our H. It's hard to believe she is going to be 1 Saturday and that my oldest is going to be 12. Where does the time go?

It just seems the older we get time flies by faster and faster. All we can do is just hold onto the memories and cherish the new ones. If there was a way to keep them from growing up boy would I be all over it. But Praise God for my kids! They are such a blessing. There is never a dull moment in my house as everyday is a new adventure.

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