Saturday, July 21, 2012

Vibram FiveFingers

I just have to brag about my awesome score on these Vibram FiveFingers. I have been wanting a pair for working out but didn't want to spend $75 dollars on a pair. I have seen the ones the Fila's with the four toes. I was thinking about getting those. But when I found this awesome deal on Vibram FiveFingers at a local store I had to jump on it.

I got these shoes for $37.50. They where on sale at Eagle Outfitters! So, if you have a Eagle Outfitters near you, you will want to check it out!

I can't wait to start using these at the gym! 


  1. Wonderful score! I always wait until our local Peak Sports has a sidewalk sale. But I am a sucker for the Vibrams, I would pay full price if I needed a new pair!

  2. Great deal! Let us know how they work out!


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