Thursday, July 12, 2012

John Frieda 3 Day Straight Review!

I recently bought John Frieda 3-day straight and can't say enough on how much I love this product. I have tried Frizz-Ease products before like the serum. I didn't like the serum for control on frizz as it made my hair look oily right after I added just a little. 

I have thick and natural wavy hair. It not as bad as it us to for some reason not sure if that is age or what. But it takes a lot of going over my hair with a straight iron to get it looking smooth and straight. I washed my hair as it says to use on wet or damp hair not dry. Then you spray 7-15 sprays. You can use more or less depending the amount of curl, thickness, and length of hair. Then comb it through and blow dry straight!

I was excited to try this out as I also got me a good hair drying brush as well so it cut the time to dry my hair in half. After you blow dry you just go over 2 inch sections with the straight iron. I only had to do that once! Which made me happy as I normally have to do it 4 times or more to get it straight. After blow drying my hair was straight. It just that finishing touch to make it look real good and smooth. 

I will say this is the close I will get to having that gorgeous straight hair look I had out in New Mexico with zero humidity. As the humidity here is a horrible!
This is what the back of my head looks like after using 3-Day Straight. This is after sleeping on it and combing it out. 

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  1. Thanks for the review! I just got a sample of this product in the mail yesterday and wondered what it was like.


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