Thursday, March 8, 2012

Great Baby Products for 2012

Being a mom of 7, with our newest edition fixing to be 7 months I am always on the outlook for great baby products.

Here are some that I have ran across that I think are up their. These are in no certain order.

1. For first time moms or any mom for that matter Itzbeen baby care timer! It is a must have. I have to say I wish I had one of these when I first started having kids almost 14 years ago. 

2. I have been eyeing this Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double stroller. I looks really nice and would be a great addition to anyone that has 2 little ones as well as twins! I personally hate regular strollers as they just don't roll good and get hung up. So, I always opt for jogger strollers. 

3. If you plan to breastfed and have to go back to work or just want to have a stock pile I would definitely have to say check out the Medela Freestyle! I have always wanted one of those but instead I have a Pump In Style that I love just as dear. 

4. I have been in a big debate over a new car seat for my little one! It's a huge toss up between the Garco Nautilus and the Recaro Prosport. They both have great qualities and look really good!

5. I have to say another of my favorite is when it comes to baby food I have to say I love those baby foods like Plum Organics and Happytot pouches where you can attach a spoon and feed straight from it! What a convince for when you are out and about and less mess too!

6. Oh and a must have is a bottle warmer! I have a Munchkin Deluxe! I love it as it heats the bottle nice and even. Not only that it also heats up baby food and sterilizes pacifiers!

These are just a few of the ones I think are must haves! What are some of yours?

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