Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year, New Eating Habits!

I am not wild about New Year Resolutions as people tend to fail at reaching them. So, instead I set goals to me they are easier to reach then resolutions.

This year I have decided instead of eating sandwiches for lunch to eat a healthy salad at lunch. You would think it would get old but it hasn't. I change it up every day. I sometimes add Hormel Natural Choice deli meat chopped up to my salad for a different flavor. I love the fact that these deli meats contain no preservatives, artificial ingredients or MSG and include a variety of options including turkey, ham, chicken, and roast beef, so I have endless possibilities. Or I sometimes add Hormel chunk chicken.

Yummy options to add to any salad. I love to add cottage cheese as well. One of my kids favorites is making homemade pasta salad for lunch. I try to keep it interesting.

I am slowly working on getting healthier options for other meals. Another great thing to do is include your kids! If they get involved with the meal planning it helps knowing they will eat it. My kids love giving input and helping in the kitchen. 

So, what goals have you set for the New Year? What are some of your healthy go to recipes? Please share!

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  1. a healthy salad sounds great to me!
    go green! it's my motto.

    i've been GFC following you for actually quite some time i'd love for you to GFC follow me back!
    thanks and have a great day!
    look forward to hearing from you!


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