Saturday, October 1, 2011


For all you couponers out their don't forget to check out,, or as they have restocked their coupons!

I have to say smartsource has some good cereal coupons! I am hoping for some awesome deals this upcoming week!

If you haven't got this coupon on a Reach toothbrush you should. You can score a free one using this $2 off coupon at Dollar General as they are $2. What a sweet deal!

Also if you haven't scored the coupon Scrubbing Bubbles Toliet Cleaner you should head over to their facebook page and get the $4 off coupon as it is on sale as of last night for $3.97 making it $0.03 overage!

The best part is their is more coupons in the box. Their are 2 $3 off a Scrubbing Bubbles Toiliet Cleaner you can either use or give to a friend and one for buy one refill get one free. Pair that coupon with the $1 off 1 refill coupon that is on and you will have a better deal. Who knows the refill could go on sale soon. :)

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