Monday, October 3, 2011

Curbside Find!

Some friends of ours live in one of those nicer housing divisions that have strict rules. Anyways they found this on the curb side waiting for garbage pick up.
Granted the one they found don't have the plates and stuff but who cares about that? It is missing the phone and one of the basket drawers. But other then that everything else works and is in great shape! These go for $229.99 brand new! Anyways they just so happened to pass it walking and I called them just as they where and they asked if I wanted it for our little ones. I said of course! Who wouldn't? It has key pads on the stove, microwave and dishwasher that makes noise. It also has a light above the stove. We had plenty of play dishes and food. Made a awesome suprise for my little ones yesterday and now I have no problem with them going to play in their room.

Instead we have the problem of getting them to come out of their room!

What kind of curbside finds have you found?

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