Saturday, September 3, 2011


Written by my friend Dong Wood

Texas has a lot of idiosyncrasies and people here are really loyal to the state. Like, scary loyal. I love how excited people get to defend Texas and how much state pride they literally wear on their clothes but to be honest I can’t say that I relate. I love my new job here and the people at my office but it’s going to take me some time to adjust to this new life. Things like and all the barbeque aren’t stuff I expected so I guess you could say I’m sort of like a fish out of water at the moment! I love being in a new environment but I think that Texas is about as far away from upstate New York as you could imagine so you can understand why I’m so out of my element. We’ll have to see how things evolve over the next few months but hopefully I’ll get more comfortable with my surroundings and start to feel at home here in the Lone Star state.

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