Monday, March 14, 2011

Lighting how it effects you!

I have always noticed how lighting affects ones mood. You know when the sun is shining you are happy and feel good. Then when it's stormy and gloomy out you just feel down and depressed at times. 

Well the same goes for our inside lighting as well. It also affects our eyesight. If you are reading a book you need good lighting. If you want a romantic dinner with your husband or boyfriend you would want either candle light or low lighting.

I personally love Pendant Lighting for over my table. I think it makes it look more elegant. Of course different types of lighting do different things.

What type of lighting is your favorite?


  1. Candles, definitely! =) I like the softness of it.

  2. I personally love Pendant Lighting for over my table.Nice information about Outdoor sconces It is affordable prices. If you pre-ordered your copy of Lighting in Layers they are in stock and shipping.


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