Monday, August 1, 2011

Crazy at my house!

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on my crazy house! My husband and boys made it home last week from a mission trip to Honduras. Ever since my husband decided it was time to start rearranging my house.

Go figure he waits till he comes back to decide he is ready to rearrange the house. I have been asking for months to move the girls out of the extra part of our room and he waits till 2 weeks before my due date. LOL But it has been all good. My house has went from total wreck to total disaster since they came home. It took 3 days just to get all their laundry done. Then on top of that furniture everywhere.

So, now it has gotten better. My little ones now have their own room even though they had their own room before it's just not the extra room that only hooks to our room. My laundry room has been rearranged and as of last night my kitchen is now done being retiled! It looks great!

Next project is to rearrange my den and then get the kids school room set up since we moved the table in the kitchen and out of the dinning room.

I finally decided to start packing my hospital bag. It sure would be nice if this little girl would decide to come this week. Otherwise I will be stuck at home and not get to see my kids compete in the Bible Bowl this year. Plus, I plan on starting school the 15th.

We shall see. I go back to the doctor Thursday and I am hoping I have made more progress pass 3 cm and 1 cm effaced.

Also, my husband's nephew passed away right after he got back from Honduras and we had a viewing this past Thursday and a funeral Friday to go to. So, as you can see it's been super crazy here.

I am hoping to get some reviews and some giveaways done this week but we shall see. So, stay tuned!

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