Saturday, January 15, 2011

What have you been baking?

Being pregnant has made me have cravings. Who doesn't. We have ran out of bread and since I love to bake I made some homeade bread. Which I love making homeade bread as it is so much heathier then buying bread at the store. But I am always busy and usually don't have time. Well this week I made time and have made 4 loaves.

Don't those look yummy! Well then I started craving apple pie! MMM apple pie. So, I decided to make a homeade apple pie with the apples that I had. Of course homeade pie crust.

Don't that look yummy? Well it was. Here is a picture of the beautiful slice.

I of course added vanilla ice cream to the top. It was yummy! I have to say it was the best apple pie I have ever tasted.

I just love baking. I have to say I love baking more then cooking as I am not good at winging main dishes as I am desserts. Guess everyone has their nack. So, what have you been baking?


  1. O wow! That looks delicious! I bake bread every week. Yours looks fabulous!

  2. I've been in a bread mood lately as well! Actually, I started getting creative (not overly so, though) with a dinner roll recipe. Instead of baking it into rolls, I rolled it out to about a half inch and then topped with butter, brown sugar, diced apples and a bit of cinnamon. Then I twisted it into a crazy shaped loaf, let it rise, and baked until golden brown. Then I drizzled with a plain powdered sugar glaze. It was probably the best sweet thing I made all last year! I also tried it with basil and dried tomato and it was wonderful as well! I think next I'm going to try raisin and walnut with brown sugar and fennel!

  3. Those look yummy. I can't do any real baking since my oven went up oh well. Just stopping by to let you know I have an award for you-


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