Friday, November 22, 2013

Choosing Glasses with endless possibilities!

If you have vision problems like me then you know how expensive eyeglasses can be! That's why I like that now you can order glasses online and save money at the same time! Who couldn't ask for a better combination?

So, shopping for prescription glasses couldn't be any easier! I have been looking at since they have the virtual mirror feature.Which is a cool new feature where you can upload a picture of yourself and try on glasses to see how they will look on you! So, there is no guess work in what you will look like when they get to you!

Another great thing is that you can easily find the glasses you are looking for by knowing your measurements. Granted this would be harder for those that have never had glasses before but easy if you just try on some at the doctor office and write down the measurements. You can even narrow down your search by frame style and frame shape! I like rectangle glasses as they look better on me then any other ones.

After much browsing I found these cute glasses called Benedetto!

I think these will end up being my next pair of prescription glasses! Since I just went to the eye doctor there will be no waiting to get my eyeglasses prescription! Since, I don't have vision insurance this will cost me way less then at the doctor's office!

Also, if you do decide to order some glasses you can use code: Blog10 and get 10% off your order. They are always have different promotions and it being the holiday season they usually have some really good ones!

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  1. wicked cute! ( but you always are...) i get my specs from zenni too, the skull and crossbones ones for now, but i need new ones soon ( and a new prescription...but no insurance yuck! )

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